I want to report this woman from filipinaheart named Rose-Ann Impoc from Taguig City Philippines for scamming money from me and other Caucasian men through the internet. I fall in love to her through online and she told me some sad story until she asked me for money...

I trusted her until i found she's still talking to other white guy.

We've been in relationship for 5 months and i often send her money because she has many reason why she need money until she dump me when she found another guy... xxxx ssdff xxx xferw xxx ereww xxxerww sssre ssss s ree s ser ssreew sserw sserws srfwrw s erwr srewer serwer

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I would like to clarify that this poor girl is not a scammer. I know her in person very well and she most definitely is not a scammer.

It is not fair that people are allowed to slander people's names so openly!

Give some of these poor girls a chance for their defence because some of these allegations are made falsely by lonely dudes that haven't got a life. Please take this negative review off of this website!


You are a flipping *** mate, if you're in a long distance relationship for 5 months and you're sending the money, then who's fault is that? It's yours!

She is not a 'scammer', you are just an ***. You specifically stated that you VOLUNTARILY sent her money! In no way is there any sign of a scam in that! And you say she was talking to other guys?

Well on your part, you need to be a better judge of character!

Maybe get to know a person a bit better - it takes longer that 5 months to get to know someone bythe way.

In conclusion, grow up and stop spreading your lies like a disease.You have no idea mate.

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